About Exploring St. Louis

Exploring St. Louis is written by  St. Louisan and lover of the city, Paul Sableman.  This blog is not affiliated in any way with Explore St. Louis, the city’s official tourism site, but does support any effort which attempts to improve the city and/or spread awareness of any and all of the amazing things the city has to offer.

Contact: Paul.Sableman@gmail.com


  1. Mr. Sableman,

    My name is Richard Satoru, and I am currently a student at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Film and Media Studies. I was born in St. Charles and grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis, and I share your optimism and belief that St. Louis has some serious potential.

    In my final semester I will be producing a short documentary, and I know that I would like to focus on some element of St. Louis. I’m particularly interested in abandoned buildings and renovations, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions for interesting facets of StL that you would like to see highlighted and exposed.

    Please feel free to email me with your thoughts. Thank you.

    Richard Satoru

  2. hey, how’s it goin? i was just googling st. louis murals and saw your page. do you have any ideas on what i could put on my wall? i’d like something botanical (cuz of the district were in), urban, community-friendly, modern thrown in all together ideally, id like to propose it to our shaw district. Our building is the building with the used to be st. louis pet clinic over at s. grand and shenandoah. our canvas would tech. be 3 stories tall, 2 and 1 stories high potentially. i saw your summary of murals over at the grove. i talked to grace about murals but we haven’t come up with anything yet. just i the brainstorm phase. Names Cevin, hope to hear from ya!

  3. oh and the building and the next building over produces an alley, i’m hoping to convert this into patio space.

  4. Hey there- not sure if this is the right guy, but if you’re one half of the pair we met at Cementland this past Saturday, thanks for your previous article on it and the information you shared. Chris and I got several good pictures if you ever want to use them. You run a great blog here, thanks for doing it.

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