St. Louis Velodrome

March 23, 2011

While surfing around on YouTube recently, I came across a Living St. Louis video on the St. Louis Velodrome, a bicycle racecourse in North St. Louis.  Apparently this current Velodrome is a replacement for one in Forest Park that sat in the area created by the Kingshighway Jog.

After watching this video clip I had to try out the Velodrome.  Although it was interesting to see, my used mountain bike and I were clearly unprepared to properly appreciate the unspectacular loop of asphalt.

Penrose Park Velodrome

Instead of spending time on the Velodrome I ended up exploring the neighborhood on my bicycle.  The Mark Twain neighborhood turned out to be pretty cool.  I found a couple of stretches of brand new brick houses right across the street from Bellefontaine Cemetery that were surprisingly good looking.  There isn’t a whole lot of new construction in North St. Louis, so I was particularly happy to see good quality infill here.

Old and New in Mark Twain

Seeing this Velodrome and the living neighborhood around it was a very positive experience, reminding me how much this city has to offer, and how much of it I have yet to explore.


  1. You should have taken a spin around the velodrome. Although it may look unspectacular, racing on it is not. There is racing there almost every Thursday in the Summer from May to August–come out and watch! Bring a lawn chair and a picnic dinner.

  2. If you are still interested in the Velodrome, there is a veloclinic on Thursdays until the racing season starts. Even if you still have that old mountain bike, you can rent a track bike to try it out. Trust me, it is worth it.

    • Thanks for the info! I’m not sure that I’m brave enough to give this a shot but I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Are there track bikes available to rent at the track?

      • Yes. The head official/mechanic usually brings a couple adult and kid frames. The best part about the Velo clinic is that it is free and bike rental is super cheap.

      • Sounds awesome! Thanks again for sharing this!

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