Cementland in 2015

January 21, 2015

I first wrote about Cementland in early 2010.  Now, just over three years after the tragic death of Bob Cassilly, the site is slowly becoming another St. Louis landmark forgotten by all but Graffiti Artists and Urban Explorers.  The following are photos of this incredible place in its current state.  I still maintain hope that an individual or group will attempt to fulfill Cassilly’s grand vision, but it’s a long shot.

Cementland in 2015

Northwest Corner

Train Tracks



Bench and Sculpture(s)


Edge of a Bridge

Near the Entrance



We need to save this place.


  1. For sure! only problem is I was down taking photographs today and cops came and picked me up… not pleasant to say the least but no charges. it’s become unsafe lately as the officer and I talked about the area and apparently gangs have become big in cement land.. recently they shot at officers. also he warned me that if you are caught there they put your identity in a database for future reference incase you are caught there again. although it’s stunning proceed with extreme caution and/ or contact the owners of the property to see if they might let you tour it with them safely.

  2. My son and his girlfriend were checking the place out today as received trespassing tickets.

    • you know how much the fine was? I’m trying to decide if its worth the risk

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