Snowpocalypse 2014 – Forest Park Southeast

January 11, 2014

I weathered out the entirety of this past week’s winter storms in the comfort of my neighborhood, Forest Park Southeast (also known as The Grove).  Getting behind the wheel from Sunday to Tuesday was about as appealing as a visit to Chesterfield.  Hopefully this will be the worst of the season.  The photos below demonstrate just how small of an area I found myself willing to brave during these (relatively) extreme conditions:


Ped Xing


Pizza delivery in the snow

Dominos Delivers in Any Weather

Walking in the Snow


I switched to black & white after my first brief outing:

Manchester Avenue Winter Weather (Forest Park Southeast)

Snow Storm in The Grove


Mural on Tower Grove

The Mangrove

Sweetie Pie’s is Closed Today

Arco in the Snow

Pedestrian on Tower Grove

FPSE in the Snow

Arco Avenue

Snowed In

Buried Car

Snow Shovel Carrier on Newsted

Out to Shovel

Blocked off with Snow, Etc.

Spherical Bollards

Home on Arco

Fenced-in Yard

Snow-loving Pet

Dog in the Snow

Snowy Avenue

Getting into the Car

Tire Tracks

Snowy Alley

Cold coming indoors

Frosted over Light Switch

St. Louis Streets Department

Snow Plow on Newstead

The next day road conditions had improved immensely on the neighborhood’s major trafficways, but driving remained unattractive.

The Grove

Cab and Pedestrians on Manchester


Abandoned Storefront

A new neighborhood market is in the works (presumably the same City Greens Market run by St. Cronan’s Parish about a block away), to replace No Coast skateboard shop (recently moved to 4427 Morganford):

Exciting new retail in The Grove

Coming Soon: City Greens Market

Piled up by snow plows

Snow on the Shoulder

Stay warm and be safe!


  1. Good series, good storytelling, the B&W’s work well. We in The Lou, though, really are weather weenies. I’ve been looking at posts from my City Daily Photo colleagues in Canada and Scandinavia. Last week’s weather would be routine to them.

    • Thanks, a compliment from you means a lot! We are admittedly pretty bad. It’s particularly apparent in the complaints about the city’s handling of the street plowing…

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