Ghost Signs

December 18, 2009

One hobby of mine that I have recently learned more about is photographing and researching Ghost Signs.

Ghost Signs off Washington

I have been drawn to them for years and was very pleased to find out that others are interested in these remnants of our city’s past, as close to home for me as just a few blocks up the street from where I live in dogtown.

Restored Ghost Sign near Tamm and Clayton in Dogtown

KETC has a great collection of youtube videos about St. Louis and their Ghost Signs video is very interesting.  I still have yet to pursue this hobby nearly as much as I hope to, but have so far compiled a decent group of them on my flickr site in this set and have found many photos taken by others all around the world that inspire me to continue looking out for more ghost signs.


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  2. Cool, I’ve never thought much about these before! I’m sure now I’ll be on the look out for them :).

    • It’s crazy how many you start noticing once you’re aware that they’re there.

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