Pedestrian Walkways of Princeton Heights

December 3, 2017

Last week I posted about a pair of Pedestrian walkways in the Northampton neighborhood, and am following up today with some photos of a similar duo in Princeton Heights.


Like those in Northampton, the Princeton Heights cut-thrus are in quiet residential areas.  Walking down them shows you homes, backyards, alleys and garages: a cross-section of the neighborhood.

38813836091_27529f464c_c Local residents relaxing in their backyards or working in garages stopped us for brief but friendly conversations.  There is a real sense of community in this area, and the walkways are a really safe and pleasant piece of the public realm.


The photos above show the Quincy Walk.  A couple of blocks east is a shorter walkway, the Bonita Walk.


Finally, here is a map of the two walkways pictured and described above:

Princeton Heights Walkways.jpg

For more images of these walkways and Princeton Heights , check out my flickr album for the neighborhood.

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