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U-City Grill

April 13, 2010

The U-City Grill is exactly what we need more of in St. Louis.  Despite the fact that this place has been around since 1987 (almost as long as I’ve been alive and longer than all but 7 of the 42 restaurants listed on the loop directory),

U. City Grill - Since 1987

I first discovered it less than two years ago while living nearby.  One day, feeling like diner food I decided to check out the “grill” and came across this menu:

Menu @ the U-City Grill

Since it was after 11 am, I had the option of either being brave and trying the Korean food, or going elsewhere.  Luckily I decided to be brave and ordered the first thing on the menu – Bulgoki (no idea how to pronounce this) Beef.  Just a couple of short minutes later I was handed a bland looking two-tone plate.  There was white rice and white bean sprouts covered in beef.

Bulgoki Beef - Delicious

Now usually I like vegetables to be a pretty big part of my meal and my initial thoughts were that I was not going to like what I had in front of me.  Then I tasted it.  Somehow, this simple combination of thinly sliced steak (expertly marinated of course), rice and bean sprouts is perfection.  For about six dollars I was full and happy.  Since then, every time I walk into the U-City Grill I can’t help but notice the smiles on the faces of the other customers.  This place makes people happy!

The U-City Grill

If you have never been here, go.