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Sidewalk Markers

April 18, 2010

Sidewalk Markers have fascinated me since the first time I saw one on a St. Louis City Sidewalk.  A rare treat in St. Louis, these markers are still being used in other cities and express a particular company’s pride in their work.  While in Evanston Illinois recently, I noticed a sidewalk marker on the campus of Northwestern University dated 2000.

Pepper Construction Co.

Similarly but less attractively, companies throughout the city stamp their information into the sidewalk as the cement dries.

2008 Pavement Marker in Chicago

As you can see, these have significantly shorter lifespans than their metal counterparts but are cool nonetheless.  I would like to see new sidewalks in St. Louis signed by their artists again and wish that those sidewalk markers which are left over from our past were better respected.  It seems that the theft of these markers is a pretty major concern of many even though their value (in my opinion) is lost with their context.  Just a few days ago while browsing St. Louis Brick I ran across some photos of a couple of these sidewalk markers (including one which I think is amazing) as well as a warning not to disclose their locations.

St. Louis "Granitoid" Sidewalk Marker

I think this is great because it inspires people like me who always keep our eyes open for these kinds of things.  I now know for sure that there are more to discover!  Thanks!