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Queers Against…

July 10, 2013

Last weekend, to coincide with the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defence of Marriage Act, a large number of posters were wheat pasted up on Manchester Avenue in The Grove.  The common theme was “Queers against…”

Queers Against in St. Louis, MO

No Pride in A$$imilation

I’m not going to offer any commentary here, and have no idea if this is the work of one person or an organization, but I will share a few photos:

And there's STL Metro driving past

Not Gay as in Happy, but Queer as in F*** the STLPD

In front of the LGBT center

No Pride in A$$imilation

Here’s a better shot of “Queers Against (haiku edition)”:

Posted up in the Grove

Queers Against… Monsanto, the HRC, the STLPD, the Military, Marriage and Pride, INC

Posters on an Abandoned Building

Queers Against Society

Pride Rainbow Flags

Queers against

Post No Bills in the Grove (Forest Park Southeast)

Pro-Fabulous Anti-Capitalist

Despite the postering campaign, life in Forest Park Southeast continued on as usual.

Forest Park Southeast (aka the Grove)

Dude and his Dog in front of N&M

Manchester Ave in FPSE

The Grove

Guy on Scooter in the Grove

Scooter Rider on Manchester Avenue

Residential Non-Vandalism in FPSE

Owner Endorsed Free Speech – Booze and Guns

Police in the Grove - St. Louis, MO



Post No Bills

December 7, 2012

I personally enjoy seeing the posters, flyers, rants, tags and stickers that are plastered along commercial strips and at active corners around the city.  Some advertise events, or simply an artist.  Others deliver a political message, often independent of the two major parties.  The number of handbills and flyers posted up is a cool measure of an area’s popularity and foot traffic (The Loop probably has more of this than any other district in the region).

Posted Bills on Cherokee

Cherokee Street has also seen a steady stream of new material.  Although many people strongly disapprove of this delivery method for ideas/messages, I consider it an important form of expression.  The bilingual flyer below prompted a written response, and probably quite a few conversations as well.

Gentrification and Surveillance

Gentrification and Surveillance

Graffiti is similarly controversial, but it has its place in my opinion.  There’s a difference between gang tags and street art.

Operation Frightside

Operation Frightside – Operation Brightside cleans up graffiti around the city

I might feel differently about this kind of stuff if I lived elsewhere, but in the City of St. Louis, pretty much any sign of life is welcomed.

For photos around town related to this topic, see my flickr photo sets Post No Bills and St. Louis Graffiti.