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Downtown East St. Louis

January 6, 2010

A couple of months ago, I decided to hop on the Link and find somewhere new to take a few photographs.  I convinced a friend of mine to come along and then tricked him into jumping off the train at 5th and Missouri to check out downtown East Saint Louis.  As far as I can remember I had never seen East St. from anywhere but the highway and Built St. Louis, but I have also never gone long without hearing a reference to the city as an undesirable place.  My first first-hand experience of East St. Louis was the sprawling, parking lot facing Metrolink station, which is really only in the general vicinity of 5th and Missouri.  Unfortunately I had not done my homework and was not sure where I wanted to go, but luckily I was pulled in the right direction.

First Glance North on Missouri

Immediately after stepping onto Old Missouri Avenue I became very excited at what I was seeing.  This must have been a wonderful place to live.

East Saint Louis Streetscape

In the hour that I spent walking around East St. Louis I only ran into one other person on the street (who was looking to purchase a building on Collinsville Avenue to open a night club in), besides some people at the Metrolink stop and a man waiting at a bus stop but I’ll have to return again on a day other than Sunday.  Anyway, the city is very cool and I really hope that some of these amazing buildings can be saved and reused.  Here is a link to my photos from the day.