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Dignity Harbor

March 2, 2010

The Old Cotton Belt Route building has been an urban exploring destination for a while, but more recently the site has become home to HOmeward BOund Ukneeversesity, and now Dignity Harbor.

I caught a glimpse of Dignity Harbor today while walking around the entrance to the Riverfront Trail and it peaked my curiosity.

Dignity Harbor @ Wharf and Florida

Online this evening I found several sources of information on Dignity Harbor: some flickr photos, a photography forum thread (with excellent photos), and a blog entry.  It seems like a great project, especially at a time when people from the Tucker Tunnel are being displaced.  Right next to Dignity Harbor is the beginning of the Riverfront Trail with newly added public art that appears to me to be the work of Bob Cassilly.

Brick Turtle @ Riverfront Trail

The artwork is great, but you can see that Dignity Harbor has already expanded here.  In the photo above there is a pile of water bottles at the center of the left hand side.

Artwork is useful

Although I would have enjoyed seeing more of this sculpture, I am happy to see that it is being useful.  Homelessness is an issue that I can offer no solutions to, so I am glad to see that others are at least doing something.