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Riding the Bus isn’t so bad

February 9, 2010

I have been planning on riding a bus for a while.  Last week I was told that the best way to support Metro is to use it and I knew I had to start soon.  I’ve always been an appreciator of Metro-buses, I’ve just never been a rider.  I feel like an idiot for not using it when I was a student/pedestrian living on Grand.

MetroBus on Grand

I now live very close to a bus stop but am so tied to my car that I never even think of riding a bus.  After reading UrbanReviewSTL this morning I knew I had to finally start riding the bus.  Luckily I also noticed a mention of a press conference for high speed rail at the Gateway Multimodal Transportation Center (which happens to be the end of the line for the 57 Manchester, my bus) on STLActivistHub.  I was able to look up the time of the next bus and dash outside just in time to catch it (which is good because it was very windy and cold today) making it downtown to the Civic Center just in time.  Unfortunately, the turnout for this press conference was quite small, but KSDK came and got the whole thing on tape (at least as much as anyone present was able to comprehend).  The woman from the Sierra Club was the most interesting in my opinion because she really went into the positive environmental role that transit can play.  Apparently the Sierra Club will be introducing a new transit oriented website for our region in the near future – something to look out for.

Press Conference Unveiling "The Right Track"

I haven’t really read the report, but from looking at the picture I think there could be a combination of real high speed rail (~220 mph) with upgrades to existing tracks that allow for something like 100 mph speeds.  I’m not exactly sure how this would work but I imagine that such a setup is possible.  Anyway, riding the bus actually turned out to be pretty convenient, and since I had memorized a couple of key times to dash for the bus I experienced almost no waiting around in the cold.  I plan on continuing to use the bus to get around and encourage anyone who has yet to try it out to do so.  Oh yeah, and vote yes on Proposition A April 6th!