New Habitat Homes in ONSL Look Great!

December 6, 2010

This March, Habitat for Humanity started building 17 LEED-certified homes on Hebert St and Sullivan Ave in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood.  I was very excited when I first saw the renderings and am even more happy now that I’ve seen them in real life.

Three New Infill Homes in Old North St. Louis

I am particularly happy to see new flounder houses in the neighborhood.  Several flounders help make up these new habitat homes.  Just a block away from the flounder above is an old one in pretty bad condition.

Crumbling Flounder Alley House in Old North St. Louis

The new homes built by Habitat for Humanity are wonderful additions to the neighborhood and their completion really adds to the momentum and excitement of the reopening of 14th street.

More of the New Homes

The red color of the new homes blends in fairly nicely with the brick that the rest of the neighborhood is built out of, and I even like the awnings.  Thank you to Habitat for Humanity and everyone who helped out with this project.  The final product looks great!  For more photos of the new houses, see my small flickr set here.


  1. Yeah, these are pretty nice. And the awnings and canopies can be functional, depending on how these were sited. I have had one quibble with these from day one of seeing photos of the completed structures: the windows are missing something. And that something is either a deeper, recessed mounting, or some wide (4-5″ or so) trim surrounding the windows. The fenestration needs to be addressed in the future, if these are to be replicated throughout that area. Two thumbs up, compared to the suburban-like crap put up by Mary “One” Johnson and others.

  2. I disagree; I like the windows. They look sleek, like the buildings, even if the buildings are a great modern interpretation of traditional StL architecture.

    • I have to agree. Most of the recent infill in North St. Louis has been suburban style subdivisions (a couple of which are pretty close by this location in Old North St. Louis) and honestly I am super happy to see these imperfect but still amazing houses.

    • I think the problem is that they used cheap vinyl units, and the sashes don’t really have any “meat” in them, so they look flat and unsubstantial. Otherwise, I find these to be a very attractive group. Matter of fact, it is because they are so attractive that the windows are, for me, still a minor issue. That is good design, IMO: the sum is equal to, and/or sometimes greater than, its parts. Kudos to the architects, by the way.

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