New “Attraction Corridor” Signage

July 22, 2010

While Driving down Highway 40 recently I was pleasantly surprised to see new signs that attempt to convince motorists to exit the freeway while driving through the City of St. Louis.  Signs on 170 advise of the “Attraction Corridor” that 40, our main street, has become; and the three main exits on the corridor (Kingshighway, Grand and Broadway) advertise their respective attractions.  The first exit, Kingshighway, has signage that to me is puzzling.

Kingshighway "explore St. Louis" Sign

Three attractions are listed: Forest Park, The Hill and The Loop.  Isn’t the Loop centered around Skinker not Kingshighway?  Isn’t the Central West End an amazing attraction just North of 40 and Kingshighway?  When this question was raised on UrbanSTL today, the answer from Nerfdude struck me as pretty good thinking:

bonwich: Terrific idea, great graphics. But why in God’s name do they have signs in both directions on 64 telling people to get to the Loop via Kingshighway???

Nerfdude: because then you’ll have to explore St. Louis to find what you’re looking for, of course.

Not too bad.  I assume there will be signs @ Delmar and Kingshighway directing people west to the Loop eventually (there are none as of this posting).  Apparently the start date for this was June 23rd and kicked off a project that will continue for the rest of the year and end up placing 300 signs throughout the city and county.  I am very happy with this project but wish that there were more attractions on the signs that are already up!

Explore St. Louis Sign @ Grand

The Central West End is a pretty big omission from the Kingshighway sign, and Midtown Alley would have been a great addition to the Grand sign.  I hope that both of these are added as time goes on. Keep an eye out for more of these helpful signs.


  1. I was scratching my head too. No CENTRAL WEST END? I’m all about discovering neighborhoods on accident, but if I were unfamiliar with a city, I’d at least appreciate the reassurance that I’m at least going the right way.

    I also agree completely about adding Midtown Alley, and while they’re at it, add The Grove too.

    Pittburgh and Cleveland are two neighborhood-oriented cities that have great signage systems. Every major street sign (well, most of them at least) indicate which neighborhood you’re in. It goes a long way in guiding newbies around the city.

    • I am glad we at least have a start. The Grove would be a great addition and Dogtown or Clayton/Tamm is another attraction right off the highway. Thanks for pointing out examples of other cities with good sign systems. It is important to learn from others.

  2. Yeah, I asked Explore St. Louis about this. They said that “the CWE was unable to participate in the program.”

    • Wow. I wonder what that means exactly?

      • Likely a funding issue. It looks like it was a CWE Business Assn decision. Explore St. Louis PR rep. says CWE may be reconsidering that decision. Hope they do.

      • I hope they do too. I’m tired of the fighting that goes on within our community.

  3. I know this is way late and off topic completely, but I just came across the page about Dignity Harbor from March (https://stlexplorer.wordpress.com/2010/03/02/dignity-harbor/) and saw it linked to a collection of “excellent photos” on a photography forum.

    Don’t know why I didn’t come across it earlier, but I wanted you to know that I was the one who took those pictures, and have many more where those came from.

    E-mail me a whydoesthisalwayshappentome@yahoo.com and we can talk more about them and Dignity Harbor if you’d like.

    Thank you

  4. A funding issue? If that’s really the case, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The CWE Association doesn’t OWN the neighborhood, and the signage should not depend on whether or not it is “approved” by the association. The CWE belongs to the entire city. So stupid!

  5. The signs are part of “a partnership with Grand Center, Laclede’s Landing, Pinnacle Entertainment, City of St. Louis, St. Louis County and Forest Park Forever.” Maybe those organizations see the CWE as competition. Our metro area is too divided up into each of our municipalities, school districts, neighborhoods and “sides”. We need to think of the whole area as St. Louis and work together!

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