Bus Stops In Philadelphia

April 29, 2010

I am currently in Philadelphia for my very first time and am discovering how wonderful this city is.  So far, one of my favorite features of the city is its varied collection of Bus Stops.

A Bus Stop in Philly

Some stops are very visually appealing with beautiful colors and designs making a bus commute much more attractive (literally!).

Ornate Modern Bus Shelter in Philadelphia

In addition to being visually appealing (and providing shelter), Philadelphia’s bus stops also offer history lessons.  Each bus shelter includes a photograph of its location at some point in the past, along with a few paragraphs discussing the significance of the block at that time.

Great Information in a Great Place - On a Bus Shelter

St. Louis has such an incredible history that a similar program (which would likely be fairly easy/cheap to carry out now that Metro is looking pretty stable – I’d volunteer to help!) could really boost civic pride and even provide a new reason to ride the bus.

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