Sweetie Pie’s Progress in Grand Center

April 10, 2010

My love of Grand Center (and my addiction to the Best Steak House) has kept me driving past the future fourth location of Sweetie Pie’s, keeping me up to date on the swift progress that is being made on this project.  A few days ago, to my delight, I noticed that as the outer layer of the building was being peeled off to reveal the brick underneath, Ghost Signs were also revealed on the West side of the building.

San-Del Strickland Printing Co Sign @ New Sweetie Pie's Location

Here is a closer look at the wall in 2 chunks:

San-Del Strickland

S-D Bindery Co.

Google doesn’t seem to know much about the business advertised here but I hope to come across more information as I continue to look.  Still, it is exciting simply to see history excavated like this (even though in this case the brick will still have to be covered up again because of the strong adhesive used to initially cover it).


  1. This is great news. What is the projected opening date? Rumor has it that a new restaurant will be opening in the Kranzberg Arts Center building. Any truth to this rumor?

  2. Great news! I know that Kota is doing well in Grand Center and that City Diner is set to open soon. Any word about a restaurant going into the University Tower or into the Norh end of the Kranzberg Arts center? Any word on the fate of the Metropolitan Building? Renovation of this building would be a catalist for another growth
    spirt for the area!!

    • I recently saw a flyer on cars along washington near grand concerning new parking rules. Meters are now active until 10 PM. In this announcement it was stated that in addition to the restaurants we all know about, 2 more are opening this fall.

  3. I noticed that work on Sweetie Pies on Delmar seems to have come to a stop. Is this project dead?

    • It seems to have been paused but I really have no idea what’s going on. I still hope the project resumes but have plenty to be excited about in Grand Center in the meantime.

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