Pruitt-Igoe in the Snow

February 15, 2010

After a difficult experience trying to wade through weeds last time I went to Pruitt-Igoe over the summer, I vowed to return during the winter months when the journey would become more manageable.  For some reason I picked a snow day to go.

Pruitt-Igoe Site Looking Downtown

It was still tough to get around this overgrown Urban forest, but signs of civilization were very apparent.  The most interesting site for me were the places that the sewer system surfaces in the dense woods.  The familiar smell of sewer gas and a nice patch of melted snow was a powerful reminder of what this site actually is.

Pruitt-Igoe Sewer

Could this be a job creation center in the near future?  Might it be better for the city left as a forest?  More pictures of the day can be seen here.

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